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No natural substance - perhaps nothing on Earth - possesses the lure of diamonds, a mineral so extraordinary that for centuries it has inspired extravagant myths and yearning throughout the world.

For centuries, men and women have found that the sparkle and brilliance of a quality diamond expresses their deepest emotions and symbolises their enduring love. Yet with many beautiful diamonds to choose from - and no two alike - how do you pick the right diamond while spending wisely?

To establish a diamond's quality, jewellers examine each of the 4Cs -- cut, clarity, carat weight and color. The combination of the 4Cs determines the value of a particular diamond. For example, diamonds that are colourless, flawless and big should command a high value. However, should it be poorly cut, it will not return the optimal amount of light and may appear ugly. This will definitely lower its value. The finest stones possess the rarest quality in each of the 4Cs, and are the most valuable.

To pick out the most brilliant, fiery and scintillating diamond within your budget, you must have a sound understanding of the 4Cs. I try to be comprehensive, yet relevant. You will find more information here than any brochure you may get from a jeweller, and it is all essential reading. You will be spending a lot of money, so it pays to know these things and not get ripped off.

Carat Weight:

In this chapter you are not only going to learn the breakdown of how diamonds are weighed, but you are also going to view and learn about pricing reports and how certain magic numbers in the weight affect its value.


In this part of the site you are going to view under a gemological microscope every clarity grade from Internally Flawless to I-3 and everything in between. With the help of the excellent pictures from Good Old Gold, I am proud to present a comprehensive pictorial collection of diamonds with various clarity grades. The more you look at diamonds the more familiar you'll get with em. You will also get a chance to examine the very controversial "clarity enhanced diamonds" under a scope as well and learn how to detect them. Thousands of people each year are getting deceived, don't be one of them!


The only way to understand colour is by looking and comparing. In this chapter you will be learning how color in diamond is measured and graded. A visual presentation that will certainly "colour" your day!


You must heard about people who have bought really big diamonds at rock bottom prices. When it comes to diamond buying, anythign is possible. In this section, you will learn about the diamond's cut, and how it can affect its value by as much as 40%. Most jewellers do not tell their clients the information you will get here because they can make a lot of money from your ignorance. At Proposal Ring, we hope that consumers will educate themselves and not become victims of these jewellers who prey on consumer ignorance.


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