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Diamond Colour

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What Exactly is Diamond Colour?

Diamonds are formed by extremely high pressure being applied to carbon deposits under the earth for millions of years. These carbon deposits get mixed up with all sorts of impurities. Therefore these diamonds will inherit the colour of these elements. Depending on the impurities, the diamonds inherit different colours. For instance, if red flowers were present, the diamonds formed will appear pink.

Most diamonds have a hint of yellow or brown (or sometimes grey), which are not exactly very aesthetically pleasing. Hence more often than not, colour is a negative attribute. The presence of this yellowish tint lowers the value of the diamond as most people like their diamonds as icy white as possible.

As such, we have to measure the intensity of this yellowish tint via various means and assign a grade to it.

Fancy Colours

Diamonds come in red, green, purple, pink, orange, etc. These are very beautiful, rare and very expensive.

Needless to say, the presence of colour does not decrease the value of a fancy coloured diamond since they are prized for their colour.

Fancy coloured diamonds belong to a class of their own. Hence I shall not discuss them here.

Just be careful of jewellers who try to pass off diamonds with poor colour grades as fancy coloured diamonds.


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