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Very Slightly Included Diamonds

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VS - Very Slightly Included

VS means very slightly included. VS diamonds contain inclusions that skilled graders can spot with effort. Actually, most laymen can spot the inclusions of VS diamonds with a 10x loupe as well, after a little practice.

Fortunately, save in rare cases, most people cannot spot the inclusions in VS diamonds with their naked eyes. It is also unlikely that these inclusions can be spotted without the loupe, even if you know their exact location. Therefore, a VS diamond offer good value for money for your proposal ring.

Warning: Graders only grade diamonds from the top view and pavilion view. They do not grade diamonds from the side. Many solitaire settings today have open settings and the inclusions may be very obvious from the side. Do check that the diamond is eye clean from the side as well when you buy a VS diamond.


It is not very difficult for the grader to spot the inclusion(s) of a VS1 diamond with a 10x loupe, mainly due to the size of he inclusion(s). However, some effort is still required.

Click to check out a VS1 diamond:

1.554ct F VS1


For VS2 diamonds, the grader can spot the inclusion(s) fairly easily with the 10x loupe.

Click to view a VS2 diamond:

1.52ct G VS2


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