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Very Very Slightly Included Diamonds

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VVS - Very Very Slightly Included

By GIA's definition, it is very difficult to find the imperfection of a VVS diamond, even by a skilled grader with the help of a 10x loupe. The inclusions are usually just tiny pinpoints or specks. Needless to say, it is impossible for anyone to spot the imperfections of a VVS diamond with the naked eye.

To be safe, most graders have to use high power magnification to grade these diamonds.


There are typically only one or two very tiny inclusions on the crown of a VVS1 diamond. The location of these inclusions are also not prominent, like it could be nearer the girdle. Tiny inclusions on the pavilion also have less effect on the clarity grade.

Click to check out a VVS1 diamond:

1.00ct E VVS1


The difference between a VVS1 and VVS2 diamond lies with the number and/or distribution of the inclusions. VVS2 diamonds typically have about two or three inclusions. It is also possible that the diamond is graded a VVS2 because the inclusion is more centrally located on the crown, even if there is only one inclusion.

However, like a VVS1 diamond, the inclusions are still very tiny.

Click to view a VVS2 diamond:

0.62ct D VVS2

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