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Flawless Diamonds

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FL - Flawless

Flawless diamonds have no bemishes or inclusions internally or externally. In short, it is perfectly clear.

Although the official definition states that it has no imperfections when viewed under a 10x loupe, we know that professional graders use high powered microscopes for grading. Hence, we know that these diamonds are perfectly clear, even under extreme magnification of over 60x.

Click to view a Flawless diamond:

0.85ct D FL

IF - Internally Flawless

Internally flawless diamonds have no inclusions at all. However, they have some minor external blemishes. It is impossible to capture these blemishes on film, even under extreme magnification. They can only be seen by an experienced grader, with good diamond loupes or under the microscope.

Needless to say, the external blemishes cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Click to view an Internally Flawless diamond:

1.01ct D IF


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