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Extremely Important Tips on Carat Weight

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Know the Exact Weight

When buying diamonds, please find out the exact carat weight. Some dishonest jewellers may put up advertisements for diamonds of a certain carat weight, like say 1ct. However, they may then put in the fine prints that they reserve the right to give you any diamond plus or minus a point (0.1ct). Guess which carat weight will they be giving you ultimately? If you have read about the Magic Numbers, you will know that a 0.99ct diamond is worth substantially less that a 1ct diamond. Your loss is their gain.



Consider Diamonds Just Below the Magic Numbers

Let me remind you again. The magic numbers are as follows:


... and every 0.5ct increase thereafter.

If you are looking for a 0.5ct diamond for your fiancé, but it is not within your budget, you will be pleased to know that a 0.49ct diamond is substantially cheaper, while only marginally smaller.



Give Yourself Enough Time

You will not be the only smart one going under the magic numbers. So, naturally, these diamonds are the first ones to go. If you want to buy diamonds just under the magic numbers, and you cannot find a suitable one (which is most probable), you will have to wait for the vendor to re-stock.

Also, diamonds are rare commodities. You may not be able to find a diamond with the right qualities immediately. Rather than settle for second best, it would be wise to give yourself more time to shop.



Know What She Likes

Some people like big diamonds, like the one on the right (2.57ct), and some people can carry it off. However, girlfriend or wife may not be comfortable with such a big diamond.

In Singapore, it is widely accepted that only 'tai-tais' wear big diamonds. Why spend good money on something she will not wear?

On the other hand, do not be such a scrooge and buy her a 0.3ct diamond. I do not think her fingers can ever be that small. Even for a girl with small fingers, like a size 7 (asian size), a 0.5ct diamond will do nicely. Please try not go lower than that. If money is a problem, it is possible to go down on clarity and colour and still have a reasonable sized diamond.

It is important to get her a diamond she is proud to wear on a daily basis. Else, it is better to save the money. After all, a diamond is a luxury item, and is not absolutely necessary.

Now that you know enough about a diamond's carat weight, let us move on to the next most talked about topic about diamonds.... Yes, its colour!


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