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What is a Carat?

One carat is quite simply the metric measurement of 0.2 gram or 1/5 gram.

You take the diamond, put it on a scale like the one on the right, and it tells you the weight.

Over the next page, I will show you, relatively, how big the diamond should look, given the weight.

Sometimes, a system of points is used to describe the carat weight of a diamond. 1 carat is equivalent to 100 points. So, a 75 pointer is the same as a 0.75 carat diamond.

Does Size Matter?

Without fail, the first thing any woman would like to know about a diamond is its carat weight. Yes, the size of a diamond is directly related to its weight. However, we will learn later on that depending on how a diamond is cut, a diamond may have a bigger or smaller diameter.

Let us move on and learn more about how big a diamond actually looks.



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