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White Gold Settings

There are 2 main reasons why some might prefer a White Gold setting:

1. White Gold is substantially cheaper: A White Gold ring can cost as little as 30% to 50% cheaper than a Platinum ring.

2. White Gold is harder: Typically. 18k White Gold alloyed with Nickel can attain a hardness of 150 HV to 220 HV. So much so that the hardness of White Gold is a non-issue, unlike Platinum.

There are two kinds of White Gold, Nickel based and palladium based. Since some people have allergic reactions to Nickel based White Gold, the Palladium is the only legal alloy in Europe. Palladium based White Gold is expensive, but its whiteness can rival that of Platinum if the Palladium content is high enough. Nickle White Gold, on the other hand, must be cast at a very high temp, else it can have some yellowing in the grain and the overtone.

In spite of the benefits of Palladium based White Gold, I have not heard of it being used in Singapore. Only White Gold alloyed with Nickel is available here. Of course, you can insist on Palladium. However, with the extra cost of bring in a slab just for you, I think you would be better off paying for Platinum.

Important Drawbacks

If you want a White Gold ring, just be aware of the possible allergic reactions to Nickel, which can range from mild rashes to severe cold sores.

Also, be prepared to give the ring fresh Rhodium plating and polishing every few years to keep it shiny and white. Else, it will become slightly yellowish.


A White Gold setting will set you back by about S$300 to S$600.


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