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While our website is designed to offer advice on getting the best diamonds for the best value in Singapore, we offer a service where you can see the diamond you are considering before committing to buy it.

After spending a few years giving advice to diamond buyers in Singapore, we realise that the most economical way to get a top notch Hearts & Arrows diamond in Singapore is through the internet. The main reasons are:

  • The best diamond cutters today work in Antwerp and New York.
  • Internet vendors do not need to pay the high rent in Singapore.
  • Internet vendors have very low markups because they have low costs.

However, there are some internet risks involved which deterred many people from taking this path. That is where we come in.

But we do not offer this service to anybody because we have limited resources. The objective of this site is to offer information and advice. We are really not interested in selling diamonds. The more time we spend transacting would mean that we have less time replying to emails and directing people to the best diamonds and local services. However, if you are convinced that buying on the net is the best option, and you cannot get over your fears of buying over the internet, just contact us using the webform or through email/MSN Messenger using the email address below. We will then let you know more about this service, the small fee involved, and assess if the service we offer is indeed what you need.


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