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Why should we trust

We have been operating this website for over 4 years now, and we have offered diamond advice to many people, who can vouch for our honesty, independence and integrity.

We do put up quite a few advertisements on Good Old Gold on our site. The primary reason is because they provided us with most of the materials available on our site, like pictures and scans, without which, our site would be impossible. The other reason is, we have dealt with them for many years, and we find that Good Old Gold provides the most comprehensive information on each diamond. We believe that the only way to select a good diamond that will perform under most lighting conditions would be to go through all the information. But this does not affect our independence.

We would be happy to provide an independent assessment of the information provided by anyone if you have problems making sense of these. Just make use of our free advisory service.

We are sure that the people who have helped will vouch for us. If you need a couple of email contacts of Singaporeans we have helped, we will be happy to provide them.

We also have good relationship with a couple of reputable gemologists in Singapore. We recommend only the best diamonds, and these gemologist, who are independent, can vouch for the diamonds we recommended to our clients whom we like to think of as friends.

Do you recommend people to buy diamonds from the internet?

We do not really care where people buy their diamonds from. However, we just want to make sure that people buy the biggest, brightest, most fiery and scintillating diamond for their proposal. Sadly for Singaporeans, this happen to be from the internet.

We have seen too many people paying too much for smaller and poorer cut diamonds, and it is out aim to stop that. To do that, we started this website to educate people on the things to look out for when searching for a well cut diamond.

We emphasise that you should buy your diamonds from people who select your diamonds with care, such that they are not afraid to show all the information in the form of the Hearts & Arrows images, the AGS ASET image, Idealscope/DiamXRay image, and detailed diamond scans (e.g. the Helium Polish scan) that gives the measurements of every single facet of the diamond. It is only with such information that you can be guaranteed of a nice diamond once you step out of the brightly lit jewellery store.

Unfortunately, I have not seen any local store provide such information.

In addition, we must stress that not all internet vendors provide sufficient information. Without these information, it would be impossible to tell if the diamond is indeed a top notch Hearts & Arrows diamond. If you want to know which vendors are trustworthy or which ones provide the best information, just get in touch with us through our contact page or thourhg our contact details below:

Why do you not offer your internet sales service to everyone?

Although we realise that we can make decent money if we broker these top notch Hearts & Arrows diamonds in large volumes, that is not our objective. Our objective is to help people find their dream diamonds, and in most cases, our internet sales service is not required. Most of the time people just need advice, and they are perfectly capable of getting the diamonds themselves. All they need is a little guidance on how to select the best diamonds, where to get their diamonds given their risk profile, and how to mitigate the risk.

However, some people have an intense fear of buying over the internet. We do not think that this is an irrational fear. That is why we offer our internet sales service to a select few people who really need it. We think that we would have done a greater good if they bought better diamonds than they would otherwise have, even after factoring in our small fees. If you want to know more, you can contact us via the webform or through our contact details below:


If I would like to buy my diamond locally, can you recommend some shops?

Most certainly. I can tell you which shops offer the best diamonds and their markup. Just make use of our Free Advisory service, and I will gladly steer you to the best shops. However, you have to be realistic. Local rent is very expensive and most of these shops have very high markup. But there are certainly some very nice diamonds to be found if you know which shops to look.

Can you recommend some jewellery shops and appraisers?

Most certainly. I know a few good jewellery shops and factories, as well as affordable appraisers. Just drop me a line using the Free Advisory servce and I will help you out.

How do you survive on such low fees?

In actual fact, we make very little. We do not depend on this website for survival. We are doing this because we love diamonds, and we like to help people.

We have a small team operating out of our home office. As such, we manage to keep our costs low. Basically, we do everything ourselves. It is hard work, but we like helping people get top class Hearts & Arrows diamonds at a fraction of the price they would have to pay under normal circumstances.

Our low fees (if any) are in line with our objective, which is to help Singaporeans buy the biggest, brightest and best diamond for their proposal. We are tired of seeing local shops pricing their diamonds at such high markups, such that the diamonds we propose with are greatly reduced in size and quality, while not in price. To help as many Singaporeans as possible, we have sought to keep our fees low.

The best part is, you may still contact us for free advice. Then we do not get paid! We will still direct you to the best diamonds you can buy and help you maximise your budget, even if we do not make any money from you. That is our commitment to you.

So, if you would like to help us out by giving us a small donation to help our course, we would really appreciate it.

What are the hidden costs for buying a diamond online?

Importing anything can be a complex affair, involving customs duty, foreign exchange difference, etc. But it is well within the ability of most people.

Basically, you will need to factor in these costs:

  • Shipping and Insurance Costs, which is about USD100
  • Customs Duty of 7.35%
  • Bank TT Costs, which vary from bank to bank. Roughly SGD20 + 1/8%.
  • Bank Foreign Exchange Spread

We have it all worked out in a nice spreadsheet. If you need the spreadsheet or any help with importing diamonds, just drop us a line using our webform.

Why are you charging 7.35% for Customs Duty when the GST rate is 7%?

The Customs Duty is indeed 7%. However, FedEx imposes a finance charge when they pay the Customs Duty up front when they clear customs on our behalf. They charge a 5% finance charge on the 7% being paid, which works out to be 0.35%. As such, the total cost to us for Customs Duty is 7.35%.


We will continue to update this page when we get more questions. Do checkback from time to time.