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If you find my website useful, please help us by making a small donation to help us with the running and upgrading costs.

To make a contribution through PayPal, click on this button:

Or if you do not have a paypal account, you may do an internet banking transfer to the following account:

Account Name: Kevin Ng
Account Type: POSB Savings
Account Number: 084-63360-7
Bank Code: 7171
Branch Code: 081

We would prefer you to use the internet banking transfer if your donation is small because PayPal collects a small service fee to process each transaction.

Every donation will help us make this site better. If our budget permits, we will be able to subscribe to information and improve our service. We can do this better with your help.

All donations are strictly voluntary! Although we would appreciate all the help we can get, we are doing this because we like helping people find their dream diamonds without getting a raw deal, and we do not expect anything in return.


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