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Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany and Co. needs no introduction. I love their products and designs. Their designs are most elegant and classy. In fact, I have bought a few pieces of silver jewellery from them as they make excellent gifts.

Their little blue box with the white ribbon is priceless, as most women will agree.

What are their diamonds like?

Tiffany & Co. employs their own diamond cutters, selects their rough with care, and cuts them to exacting standards. They are cut to AGS Triple Ideal, but they are not necessarily Hearts and Arrows.

Most people who have seen Tiffany's diamonds swear by them. They are indeed very beautifully cut. My guess is, with their markup, they can afford to lose a lot of weight during their cutting to achieve very good proportions.

These are very beautiful diamonds. The brand name is also very strong, and recognised internationally. Their settings are unique and very beautiful, plus you can only set Tiffany's diamonds in these settings. They will never allow you to bring your own diamond to be set in a Tiffany setting.

I would still use a Lightscope/Idealscope to check the light return of these diamonds, just in case. You do not want to end up with the rare black sheep within the flock.


If you have gone through the section on pricing, you would be aware that the fair retail price of a AGS Triple Ideal diamond (non Hearts & Arrows) should be no more than about 100% of Rap (before GST).

However, Tiffany Diamonds are very different. They employ their own cutters who cut the stones to their exacting standards. So their cost may be higher. Also, their brand is so strong that you do turn heads with the designs of their rings. I must admit that in this case, they are selling a very different product since it is quite evident that you are wearing a Tiffany ring.


Carat Color Clarity  Price in July   Mid Sep Rap   % of Rap 
 S$    9,200.00
 S$     3,741.00
 S$    7,700.00
 S$     2,392.50
 S$    8,550.00
 S$     3,079.80
 S$  12,100.00
 S$     4,478.76
(Prices in SGD. Retail price quoted in July 04 while Rap price is for Sep 04 due to availability of information. FX Rate of 1.74 used for USD conversion.)

I love Tiffany and Co., but the premium they charge is just too much for my pockets.


Tiffany & Co. is a well known international brand. The premium may be high, but you pay for the branding. In my opinion, their ring designs are second to none, and they have great diamonds too. Even their little blue boxes make a great impression, especially for women.


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