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Places to Buy Diamonds in Singapore

When I searched for the diamond for my proposal ring, I walked many miles to various jewellery stores in Singapore. Rather than wasting the valuable data I collected, I have put them down on this website.

The following are some of the places I have surveyed:

Lee Hwa/Aspial: Destinee
Soo Kee: Fuego
Soo Kee: Brilliant Rose
Tian Po: Hearts on Fire
Tiffany & Co.
Larry's Jewellery: Lazare
Kehns & Co: EightStar
Other Diamond Sellers
Buying on the Net

You will notice that I have focussed mainly on branded diamonds here. it was not my intention to pick out the brands. Unfortunately, the better ideal cut diamonds are all marketed with brands at well known jewellers in Singapore.

There are lesser known jewellers around the market that carry ideal cut diamonds without branding, but there is little I can comment about them because I was not introduced to them. You will need to find them through word-of-mouth. Of course, you will have to remember everything in the section on the 4Cs, especially about cut, when you select a diamond from these jewellers.

I am sure you will find this section interesting.


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