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Warning: Please read the Disclaimer before proceeding!

Other Diamond Sellers

There are lots of smaller shops around Singapore that sell diamonds of various qualities. You will probably be able to find a shop that sells diamonds are fair prices if you look hard enough.

However, from my search, I realised that there are not many places that sell premium Hearts & Arrows (H&A) diamonds with either the AGS, GIA or HRD certificates. I have less faith in the EGL and IGI certificates, so I did not consider diamonds certified by these labs. That is not to say that they are not around. You will just have to ask your family and friends. Sometimes, smaller jewellers stock some quality Hearts & Arrows, although their range would be limited.

If you are looking for non-H&As, you can consider going to Taka Jewellery. During their annual sale on GIA certified diamonds, they slash their prices by as much as 60%. This will take the prices close to their Rap prices. If you find a GIA diamond graded Very Good/Excellent for both Polish and Symmetry, plus the cut proportions are ideal, the Rap price would be considered fair. Of course, you have to check the light return with a Idealscope/Lightscope.

The usual applies

I think you should know this by now, but I will say it again:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the 4Cs.
  2. Check that all the 4Cs are exactly what you want, expecially the cut proportions.
  3. Don't buy if the jeweller cannot give you the information you want.
  4. Check the diamond's light return with an Idealscope/Lightscope.
  5. Get a written warranty. Then proceed to an independent appraiser to authenticate your diamond. Return it if the appraiser advises you to do so.

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