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Warning: Please read the Disclaimer before proceeding!

Lazare (from Larry's Jewellery)

The Lazare Diamond is a well known international brand with over 100 years of history. They are being sold at Larry's Jewellery in Singapore.

What are Lazare Diamonds?

Lazare diamonds are supposed to be cut to Tolkowsky's ideal. (I refer to the Brilliant Round cut only.) They do not reveal the error tolerance, so I do not know how close to the ideal it is cut. Also, they do not deliberately cut to Hearts & Arrows optical symmetry.

I have heard many accounts over the internet, as well as from friends, that they were not impressed by the visual appearance of the Lazare Diamond. Personally, I have seen a couple of my friends' Lazarre up close and they appear to be reasonably well cut.

Since I cannot photograph these Lazares because they do not belong to me, I shall attempt to describe them:

I viewed a pair of 1ct Lazares (matched pair for earrings). These looked very much like the picture below::

Note that this is not an actual Idealscope Picture of a Lazare.
It is merely an edited picture to illustrate what I saw.

They were not too bad, although I have seen better. Also, they are not cheap, considering that they are not cut to Hearts & Arrows symmetry.

Anyway, the brand name is very strong, and recognised internationally. People would be impressed if you told them that your diamond is a Lazare. In spite of that, I would still recommend tat you use a Lightscope/Idealscope to check the light return of these diamonds.


Larry's Jewellery does not practice fixed pricing. So, the amount you ultimately pay really depends on how well you bargain. They can take a fair bit off the quoted price if you do some hard negotiation. But expect the price to be on the high side, given the strong branding.


I have heard that people were able to get 'good deals' at Larry's with some intense bargaining. This is probably true, given that the Lazare has some pretty strong competitors out there. None-the-less, Larry's is a very reputable outfit, well known for their quality service and workmanship. They also have a good following of regular clients. So, you should be in good hands with Larry's.




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