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Warning: Please read the Disclaimer before proceeding!

What You Must Know

If you are thinking of buying a diamond, you should read the section on the 4Cs first. It would not be wise to spend thousands of dollars on something you do not understand. We can only talk about how diamonds are priced if you understand the valuable qualities of a diamond outlined in the 4Cs.

Diamond reports help us ascertain the qualities of the diamonds you intend to buy. We will explore these reports and their value in this section.

Before you head down to the diamond apraiser, you should read the section on Appraisal. We will explain what kind of services the appraiser can provide, as well as what questions to ask in order to get the most out of your diamond appraisal.

In the next section, we will go through the various premium diamonds that are available in Singapore as well as their prices. I am sure this would interest most of you since you.

I wish you luck in your quest for that perfect proposal ring!



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