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Warning: Please read the Disclaimer before proceeding!

Hearts On Fire (Tian Po Jewellery)

The Hearts On Fire is a well known international brand. The quality of Hearts On Fire Diamonds is very high, but it also comes with a premium.

What are Hearts On Fire Diamonds?

Hearts on Fire are Hearts and Arrows diamond that are cut to the AGS Triple Ideal standard. Go to the Hearts On Fire website for more details of the diamond.

Aspial used to carry the Hearts On Fire Diamonds. But Tian Po took over the distributorship for some reason not revealed to us.

These are very beautiful diamonds. The brand name is also very strong and recognised internationally.

In spite of that, I would still use a Lightscope/Idealscope to check the light return of these diamonds, just in case. The Hearts On Fire cutters make sure that the Hearts and Arrows are clear and distinct, as well as the cut proportions must be within the AGS Ideal standard. Unfortunately, the AGS Ideal proportion is flawed, so you will have to check that the diamond you intend to buy is not the leaky one.


If you have gone through the section on pricing, you would be aware that the fair retail price of a AGS Triple Ideal Hearts & Arrows diamond should be no more than about 110% of Rap (before GST).

However, Hearts On Fire is a little different. They employ their own cutters who cut the stones to their exacting standards. So their cost may be higher. No one would know, except the company.

Also, Tian Po was giving a 10% discount at the time, so I took that into consideration.

Carat Color Clarity  Price in July   After 20% Disc   Mid Sep Rap   % of Rap 
0.50 G VVS2 S$ 8,350.00 S$ 7,515.00  S$ 3,741.00 201%
(Prices in SGD. Retail price quoted in July 04 while Rap price is for Sep 04 due to availability of information. FX Rate of 1.74 used for USD conversion.)

This shows that Hearts On Fire Diamonds are priced at about 100% above Rap. These are conservative numbers because Rap prices for July were even lower.

I did not get more prices because I thought that the price was beyond my budget.


Hearts On Fire is a well known international brand. The premium may be high, but you pay for the branding. You may consider it if you like the way the Hearts On Fire diamond looks. But please check that the one you intend to get is indeed performing.


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