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Warning: Please read the Disclaimer before proceeding!

Brilliant Rose (from Soo Kee Jewellery)

I am sure that anyone who has been to Soo Kee, just to browse, would have been bombarded with a sales pitch on how wonderful or special the Brilliant Rose is.

What is a Brilliant Rose?

A Brilliant Rose is a 66-faceted fancy cut round diamond. Go to the Brilliant Rose website to find out what exactly a Brilliant Rose diamond is. However, there exists another brand in the USA, marketed as the Leo Diamond, with the exact 66-faceted cut. So the Brilliant Rose is not so unique after all.

Is a Brilliant Rose the same as a Leo Diamond?

I have always suspected that the Brilliant Rose and the Leo Diamond are the same. First of all, they share the same 66-faceted cut. Also, the 'principal' company of Brilliant Rose is located at the exact address as the Leo Schachter Diamonds LLC as follows:

Leo Schachter Diamonds LLC
579 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10017

Through my correspondences with Soo Kee, they claimed that the Leo and the Brilliant Rose are produced using similar technology. However, they maintained that they are different products. I will leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Why would Soo Kee want to maintain that the Brilliant Rose is a different product?

The Leo Diamond enjoys a very good reputation in the US. It certainly would not hurt to market the diamond as a Leo in Singapore. I suspect that the main reason for marketing it under a different brand is so that they can sell it at a different price. I did not find out the price of the Brilliant Rose because I have no intention of owning one. If I really want a 66-faceted diamond, I would rather get a Leo the next time I go on holiday in the US. Chances are, I will get a better selection at a lower price.

Is a 66-Faceted diamond better than an 58-Faceted diamond?

Bear in mind that there are Leos and Brilliant Roses that are cut well, but I am sure that there are those that are cut badly as well. Just because they have more facets does not mean that they are cut to good proportions. Also, the ideal cut proportions that apply to a 58-faceted diamond is not applicable for a 66-faceted diamond.

It is good to know that most of them are rather nicely cut. However, not all 66-faceted diamonds are created equal. You would still have to exercise caution and weed out the non-performing ones. An ideal cut 58-faceted diamond would definitely look better than a 66-faceted diamond cut to poor proportions.

Personally, I do not think that 66-faceted diamonds are superior. From my personal inspection, I did not find that the extra 8 facets added very much to the beauty of the diamond. If cut to good proportions, it did have a little more scintillation. However, the flashes of light are smaller because of the thinner pavilion facets (they have to be thin to accomodate the extra 8 facets). It is generally agreed that broad flashes are more visible from afar. So, I have a personal preference for 58-faceted diamonds because, to me, they are more balanced.

Another disadvantage of 66-faceted diamonds is that they are generally cut with a deeper pavilion to accomodate the extra 8 facets. This would mean that the diameter of the diamond would be reduced as compared with an ideal cut 58-faceted diamond.

Prices of Brilliant Rose Diamonds

I did not collect the prices of Brilliant Rose Diamonds because I do not think that they can be directly compared with 58-faceted diamonds. They are cut very differently. (Also, I had no intention of purchasing one.) They cost a lot more than a fairly priced ideal cut Hearts & Arrows diamond with 58 facets.

As Brilliant Rose/Leo Diamonds are very expensive, you should only consider them if you really appreciate the sligtly higher scintillation, but slightly smaller flashes. It is a matter of taste.


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