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I tried to keep the 4Cs as succinct as possible. Even then it is quite a lot of material to get through. I have put the 'must-read' material in the 4Cs. So, this section consist of materials that are good-to-know. You should go through this section selectively to satisfy your curiosity.

They are important. For instance, knowing how to tell if a diamond is clarity enhanced or not can save you thousands of dollars, not to mention the frustration of being taken for a ride. Knowing how to use and Idealscope when selecting your diamond can help you weed out the poor performers. Do go through the topics here if you have time.

This section is permanently under construction. Diamond knowledge is ever expanding. So, I will add to this section whenever I come across anything important.

Curently we only have the following in this section:

Hearts and Arrows Diamonds
Darkfield Illumination
Clarity Enhancement
Equipment for Measuring Light Return

Check back here from time to time for more topics.