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The objective of this site is to educate consumers on diamond buying, and jewellery setting. Although I am primarily trying to help people put their Proposal Rings together, the knowledge is relevant for all diamond jewellery.

The advertisements I have on this site are placed free of charge (in exchange for images and information). I took most of my material here from Good Old Gold, so it is only right that I put up some ads for them. Also, I have put up some ads for Google to pay for my hosting costs. If you do not click on them, I do not get paid. I am investing my precious time and money to put this site together, so that fellow Singaporeans can propose with better diamond rings. I have seen too many proposal rings with appallingly small and dull looking diamonds, and I believe that Singaporean women deserve better than that. Of course, there is a possibility that I may profit from this site later on, but that remains to be seen.

Around June 2004, I decided that I should propose to my wife. After 2 years of dating, I still love her to bits. So I was pretty sure that she is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. Thus, I had to hatch a proposal plan.

What proposal would be complete without a diamond proposal ring? With that, I began to search for the perfect ring. (Click here to read the full story.)

In my long and arduous quest, I discovered the many pitfalls awaiting an innocent consumer when purchasing a diamond in Singapore. In short, there are many aspects of a diamond that can affect its price. Ignoring any of these aspects would present an opportunity for the seller to rip us off by the thousands. I also found out that by buying a diamond from jewellers in Singapore, a consumer usually pays about twice the fair price for it (after whatever pathetic discounts/offers they have). That simply translates to a smaller and duller diamond for the same budget.

I do not think it is right for any company to profit from consumer ignorance. It also pains me greatly that my Singaporean friends who are romantic enough to buy a nice diamond proposal ring, are being systematically overcharged by the local stores. Therefore, I put up this website rather quickly, hoping to impart some of the knowledge I have gained. I will try to guide you to the right places to look for your ideal diamond.

I hope that after reading the material on this site, you will be able to put a bigger and more brilliant diamond on your fiancé's finger. The best part is, you will be able to do it with less money.

Finally, if you find any mistakes on this website, or if you have any further questions, please feel free to email me. If you think that there are other things I should have put on the site, do tell me as well.

Good luck in your search for your perfect diamond ring!

Yours sincerely,

          Kevin Ng


Good Old Gold

I would like to thank my friend Jonathan from Good Old Gold. It would be impossible to put this site together without his help. He has kindly allowed me to use the images on his website. I am not in the diamond trade, so I do not have access to gem trade equipment and diamonds. Where else can I find all these images from? Thanks Jon!

Jonathan has been buying and selling diamonds for over a quarter of a century. He is currently working on his Graduate Gemologist degree with GIA (Gemological Institute of America). He is also a GIA Alumni Member, and an Associate Member of the ISA (International Society of Appraisers). He has also been asked to be the Vice President of GIA Alumni, Long Island Chapter. He works with his family owned and operated business in Long Island New York where they have established an outstanding client base. They pride themselves for carrying the finest quality jewellery at the most affordable prices available to the public.

That means he is a very cool and knowledgeable guy. After I bought 2 diamonds from him, he did not stop answering any questions I have about diamonds. I email him whenever I have any queries, so that I can be sure that the information I put up is as accurate as possible. Hence, it is only right that I put some advertisements for Good Old Gold around my site. I am not being paid for doing it, but for me, it is not about money. If you are thinking of buying a diamond, you will find it worthwhile for you to drop by his site for more information.


I would also like to thank Pricescope for allowing me to use the material from their site. I have taken a few pages from their site, quite simply because they have some of the best write-ups on some topics.

Pricescope is, without a doubt, the most successful forum on diamond knowledge today. Not only does it have a comprehensive tutorial that you should definitely check out, it also boasts a host of participants from the diamond industry. If you have any doubts about anything relating to jewellery, you should definitely pay a visit to Pricescope and post your questions there. You will get expert opinions from various sources, all within a couple of hours. The sheer number of participants will also ensure that the viewpoint offered is balanced.

Pricescope is a web forum. So, when you are there, do expect more participants to be pro internet vendors. This is not such a bad thing because the internet does offer great value to diamond shoppers. In addition, censorship is kept to a minimum at Pricescope, so that representatives from your local brick & mortar store can also air their views without reservations.

Do visit Pricescope before you purchase your diamond. You will not regret it.